Treat the special people in your life to a gift they will truly enjoy, and remember!  

Select a service from our distinct menu, or create your own unique spa experience for someone by combining several services.  Any Spa Gift Certificate given as a present can be changed by the recipient with any another service of equal value or used against a service of greater value.  If is difficult for you to choose a service you can buy a gift voucher of any amount. The gift of personal pampering at Earth Spa is perfect for anyone…any season…any reason.

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Types of Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage / Hand Massage

Pressure is applied to various targets on the feet or hands to stimulate the nerve reflexes in the body.Thιs therapeutic remedy relieves aching hands and feet, releases blockages and restores free flow of energy to rebal¬ance the system.


Η πίεση εφαρμόζεται σε διάφορους στόχους για τα πόδια ή τα χέρια για να τονώσει τα αντανακλαστικά των νεύρων στο σώμα.Αυτή η θεραπευτική θεραπεία ανακουφίζει τα χέρια και τα πόδια, και τα καναλία μπλοκαρίσματος και αποκαθιστά την ελεύθερη ροή της ενέργειας για την αποκατάσταση της ισορροπίας του συστήματος.

Feet or Hands 45 min – 50€
Combination 55 min – 60€

Indian Head Massage

This ancient remedy was created to work with the chakras of your body to heal and relieve tension from your inner soul. Choosing from a selection of scented oils to help deal with a specific requirement or need. After this treatment you will feel the tension lifted from your shoulders, neck, head and face.

40 min – 45€

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used in this therapy to apply pressure and to deliver various massaging strokes to alleviate sore, stiff muscles and to heat the body. This heated treatment deeply penetrates Into the muscles releasing tension. It also increases blood flow, relaxation and stimulates mind, body and soul.

25 min – 45€
75 min – 80€

Combined Massage

This cocktail of massage movements are combined together for a balancing and relaxing effect. This massage cocktail is an integration of techniques including basic Swedish massage, Shiatsu, energy balancing, and Indian Head Massage therapy.

55 min – 60€